Photo and Video Shoots


Amulet Farm is a photographers dream due to the many photo settings and backgrounds offered over the 14 acres.  Since the farm is a private property, multiple sets can be arranged for the day of the shoot, and the farm is very private. For videographers, the farm offers numerous aspects of farm life, including fields, pond, tractor, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, barns, etc. as evidenced by the commercials seen at the bottom of the page. Also a great place for music videos, especially for new artists without a huge budget.

The historic farm house at the entrance is over 100 yrs old and some parts of the house have been kept in original condition and coloring.

The 4,000 sq. ft. hay barn is weathered gray with huge beams inside.  Inside the hay barn are 2 smaller barns built in the 1800′s from large trees that were cut and hewn into a Lincoln log style structure.  Upstairs is a hay loft that has been converted to an indoor stage. The back of the barn is a photographer favorite with soft afternoon light coming through the gray wooden slats.





The 2,400 sq. ft. horse barn has 12 stalls and is red with white shutters on the outside with a green roof. Inside the barn are the stalls for the goats, large great pyrenees dogs and chickens, including the most beautiful rooster you will ever see.

The 600 sq. ft cabin is modern with seating, lighting and mirrors to give you a place to change, do video editing or take photos.

Props can be found all over the property including a hay wagon, 1965 Farmall Tractor, 1965 Blue Fairlaine, Benches, stages, pitchforks, how are you and much more. You are also welcome to bring your own props (BYOP) and of course your own photographer (BYOP x 2). Rather than take shots in a studio, why not come enjoy the great outdoors and take your next photos shoot on a historic farm?

The farm was originally owned by the Coley family and was a community gathering place in Gallatin at the turn of the century.  Old-timers in Gallatin remember babies being born in the farm house and large gatherings on what was then a 200 acre farm. Upstairs in the large hay barn you can still see the sharp hooks that were used to lift hay for the cattle. Down near the bottom of the stairs is a corn grinder which was connected by a long rubber band to a tractor pre-electricity. Walk the center aisle and you can imagine goats, sheep and other livestock housed in the stalls during the winter. Hay was dropped down from the second floor along the sides where animals could access it.

Photo Shoot Pricing is very affordable at an hourly rate and we highly encourage mini-sessions. We also have a private modern cabin for changing and make-up. Please contact us for more information.

Videographers and Film-makers

Use of the property for video shoots is also available by arrangement. Fees will be negotiated. You’ll be shocked how affordable it can be. Student pricing for class projects. And the back barn is also PERFECT for a horror film.

Phillip Lee Eyer – Music Video




Carhartt Commercial Shoot (Copy and paste link)








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