Your Amulet Farm Hosts L-R Anjolie, Brad, Jenny Towle

Amulet Farm, on 14 rolling acres, is a rustic photography, video productions, and and music events venue located in Sumner County, Tennessee. We are private, yet conveniently located 5 minutes from Big Station Camp High School in Gallatin, TN.

What makes Amulet Farm so amazing for Photo Shoots or Videos? It is the ability to create a memorable photographic experience for yourself, your friends and loved ones with photographic images that will capture the rustic outdoors and your unique connection to it.  It is the opportunity to share a farm experience with your family, friends and spouse that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The experience is centered around the 100 year old hay barn sitting majestically at the top of a gentle hill. Photos shoots or videos can be held in front of the large barn doors, upstairs with the light streaming through the barn wall, inside the walk-through, beside the old Farmall Tractor, on  the hay wagon or on the blue Amulet Stage at the side of the barn. Newly engaged couples, families and even babies will also love Amulet Cabin, providing a rustic and relaxing getaway, for dressing, make-up and private moments.

Photographers will also love the private cabin for hair and make-up or for private boudoir photo sessions. Oh, and the best yet is our BYOP approach – Bring Your Own Photographer!  If you don’t have one, we have several we can recommend. Not to mention that we are very affordable and private so you don’t have to worry about anyone bothering you during the shoot.

At Amulet Farm, we believe in and support your right to choose your own lifestyle, your own passions and your unique way of creatively expressing yourself through art, music or photography. We support our local community and often have school groups for club photos or just for fun photos.

It is our sincere hope that the peace and protection of Amulet Farm will stay with you throughout your life.